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Top 10 Best Survey Platform in Nigeria - Make 10K Daily

10 best paid survey platforms in Nigeria

Do you know that there are majority ways to make money online in Nigeria this days? It's not necessary that you must graduate with a certificate or secure a job before you can make money. With just your smartphone with an internet connection you can still make money online while doing what you like even as a student.

Are you looking for the best survey platforms that will enable you make money online while answering questions? Look no further, I have gradually analyze and present to you the  top 10 best survey platforms to make money in Nigeria. Let's dive deep!

What is a survey platform?

A survey platform is an online service that allows businesses and researchers to create and distribute surveys to collect data from consumers or respondents. These platforms allow you to create surveys for a variety of purposes, such as market research, customer satisfaction surveys, employee satisfaction surveys, and more. 

At the other hand, a paid survey platform is a website or app that allows users to earn rewards for completing surveys. These surveys can be about a variety of topics, including consumer products, services, and experiences. Paid survey platforms typically work with businesses that want to collect data and insights from consumers. They then pay users for their time and feedback. There are many different paid survey platforms out there, each with their own unique features and rewards programs. 

Top 10  Best Survey Platform in Nigeria 2024

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a popular paid survey platform that allows users to earn points, called SB, for completing a variety of tasks. These tasks include taking surveys, watching videos, shopping online, and more. Users can then redeem their SB for gift cards or cash, making it a great way to earn some extra money. Swagbucks is also known for its user-friendly interface and wide variety of tasks to complete. It's a great choice for anyone who is looking for an easy way to make some extra money in their spare time.

With Swagbucks companies (task uploaders) pays you for living a honest review on what you think about their products or services. The points you earn on Swagbucks varies depending on tasks complexity and nature but ranges between 5SB to 100SB. 

2. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is another popular paid survey platform that allows users to earn rewards for completing surveys and other tasks. Survey Junkie is known for its straightforward and easy-to-use interface, making it a great choice for anyone who is new to paid survey platforms. In addition to taking surveys, users can also earn rewards by referring friends, completing profile questionnaires, and participating in product testing. Like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie allows users to redeem their rewards for gift cards or cash. 

So if you're new to survey then you should consider going with Survey Junkie because it has a very user friendly interface, compared to Swagbucks. Amount you earn in Survey Junkie also varies depending on the task complexity and duration.

3. ySense

ySense is another popular paid survey platform in Nigeria a lot of people admire. It's similar to Survey Junkie and Swagbucks, but with a few unique features of its own. ySense allows users to earn cash and gift cards by completing surveys, referring friends, and participating in special promotions. One unique feature of ySense is its "Daily Checklist," which allows users to earn extra rewards by completing specific tasks each day. 

With ySense, Nigeria users can now take surveys and withdraw when the reach the minimum threshold which is $10. So ySense is another popular survey platform to tryout.

4. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is another popular option that allows users to earn cash and gift cards for completing surveys, watching videos, and shopping online. One of the unique features of InboxDollars is its "Games" section, which allows users to earn rewards by playing games on the platform. InboxDollars also has a low minimum payout amount of $15, making it easy to reach your payout threshold. 

In addition to surveys and games, users can also earn cash by completing daily tasks, watching TV, and using the InboxDollars search engine. The platform also offers a generous referral program, allowing users to earn cash for referring friends. Another thing that sets InboxDollars apart is its "Scratch and Win" feature, which allows users to earn bonus rewards by scratching digital "scratch-off" tickets. However, the only convinient way to to receive your payment from InboxDollars is by redeeming them to gift cards.

5. SurveyMonkey Rewards

SurveyMonkey Rewards is a bit different from the other platforms we've discussed. It's actually a mobile app that allows users to earn rewards for completing short surveys on their smartphones. One of the unique features of SurveyMonkey Rewards is its "Daily Poll," which allows users to earn points for answering one short question each day. In addition to surveys, the app also offers other ways to earn rewards, such as watching videos and referring friends.

For every completed survey in SurveyMonkey Reward, you get paid in US dollars and once you reach the minimum threshold of $5, you can redeem your earning into a gift card or donate them to charity.

6. Surveyeah

Surveyeah is another popular survey platform a lot of people consider in Nigeria. With surveyeah, you earn money taking surveys or by referring new users into the platform. Surveyeah has a user friendly interface which will make it easy for people that are new in survey to understand and simply perform tasks they want.

Surveyeah allows you to earn in US dollars or pounds depending on your preferred currency and you can issue withdrawal when the reach the minimum threshold of $10 via PayPal or redeem them to gift card voucher.

7. Surveytime

If you're new to survey, then you should consider going with Surveytime. Surveytime has an easy to use interface which will help you to understand and find available surveys at the platform, which is regularly updated.

Another good thing about Surveytime is that the platform doesn't have any withdrawal threshold, once you complete a survey, you get paid for it instantly which is very nice.

8. Mobrog Nigeria

Mobrog has a specific panel made for Nigeria users to take survey and earn commission. Mobrog is a popular market research company that offers paid survey to individual who are willing to participate and as a Nigerian, you can also start making money with Mobrog Nigeria.

Mobrog has a minimum payout of €5/$6.25 which can be issued twice a day. The platform also have multiple withdrawal method which includes Gift cards, PayPal, Skrill and other methods.

9. Surveoo

Surveoo is another popular survey platform that Nigerians can make money by taking surveys. The platform has a very simplified system and reasonable withdrawal threshold.

Surveoo also have a high minimum withdrawal threshold which is $20 meaning that anyone willing to withdraw from Surveoo must the the minimum payout of $20. The platform also offers several withdrawal methods which includes Gift cards and PayPal.

10. Timebucks

Timebucks is a unique survey platform that pays users in cryptocurrency for completing surveys and tasks. This makes it a great option for users who are interested in earning cryptocurrency. And, like other survey platforms, Timebucks has a referral program that allows users to earn even more cryptocurrency for referring friends. 

Apart from cryptocurrency you can also withdraw via PayPal, Bank Transfer, AirTM, Payeer and other methods. However, you have to take note that the platform might be a little bit complicated to use especially as a beginner.

FAQs and Answers on Survey platforms in Nigeria

Does this platform pays real money?

All the survey platform I listed above pays real money and you can withdraw your earnings once reach the minimum threshold for withdrawal.

Can I get reach from survey platform in Nigeria?

No, you can't get reach from online survey platform. However, you can still make sustainable amount just by taking surveys online. You can earn upto $3 - $5 daily in most of this platforms.

Are this survey platform easy to use?

You have to take note that most of this survey platform are not user friendly, so it's important to analyze them and choose a user friendly survey platform especially if you're a beginner.


Taking online surveys might be a great way to make money online as a side hustle. However, if also have to take note that paid surveys shouldn't be your main source of income, you need to acquire at least one digital skill that fetch you money.

Additional, the platform I listed above has their own specific requirements, it's important you read their terms and conditions and also have a clear understanding about how the platform works before making your choice.

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