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Top 5 Ad Networks That is Suitable For Nigeria Traffic (Monetize Your Blog in 2024)

5 best ad networks in Nigeria
Are you a Nigerian blogger? Or do you blog while residing in Nigeria? Either way and don't know the best Ad network to monetize your audience, then this content is for you.

Monetizing your blog has become very necessary for anyone who wish to consider Blogging as their career's. First, by monetizing your traffic, you can be able to make money and maintain a good living, a lot of bloggers in Nigeria are cashing out massively using an ad network that suit there requirements. Secondly, Monetizing your blog will encourage you and boost your confidence to do better and reach wider audience. Finally, by monetizing your blog, you can hire and employ other writers and pay them for contributing in your blog.

I will tell you every single thing you need to know about Monetizing your blog using an ad network, how it works, how to choose the best Ad network that suits your traffic and how to maximize your CPC and CPM. But let's first know what an ad network is!

What is an ad network?

Ad network simply means advertising network, this is an online platform that connect advertisers to publishers (websites or an app owner) who are willing to accept advertisement on either their website, app or blog.

Ad network provides a convenient way for advertisers to work with publishers without both parties being cheated. When an advertiser pay for an advertisement to a specific ad network, then publishers can now display this ads on the websites or app and then earn a given percentage.

The amount a publisher earn from ad networks varies which are widely calculated in various ways.
  • Niche - your website niche can contribute to what you earn for an ad. Publishers with more competitive niche are likely to earn higher.
  • Traffic Country/Location - This is another huge factor that determines what you earn from your blog. Traffic refers to number of visitors, so publishers whoms traffic cones from tier countries such as UK, USA, Canada, Germany are more likely to receive higher payout.
  • CPM - Click per thousand impression simply means the total number of times ads on your website/app were seen by visitors. So higher CPM, higher payout.
  • CPC - Cost per click is another model that determines how much a publisher earn, each time a user click on ad displayed on your website/app.
Finally, all this factor listed here can determine how much you earn from your blog however, the primary goal of every successful blogger is traffic, bloggers will high traffic volume from tier one countries are more likely to earn higher revenue share.

5 best ad networks to monetize your blog in Nigeria

Have you been looking forward to monetize your blog? I got your back! Here are the 5 best ad networks to monetize your traffic in Nigeria and their requirements.

1. Google AdSense

With no doubt, Google AdSense is unarguably the best ad network to monetize your blog not just in Nigeria but worldwide. Google AdSense has the highest number of advertisers works with the platform. Popular companies like, Microsoft, Meta, Amazon and Apple still work with Google making them for the best a choice a publisher can consider.

Key things to know about Google AdSense

  • There are some requirements that must be met before your application can be considered.
  • No guarantee of getting this approval even after meeting the requirements as it sorely depend on AdSense team to consider.
  • AdSense approval can take from 1 day to 2 weeks or more after submitting application.
  • AdSense offer variety ad format including Vignette, Banner and Auto ads.
  • AdSense ads looks responsive and user friendly as format that are not disruptive.
  • AdSense can easily ban and close your account if you go against the policy.
  • AdSense offers variety payment methods which includes PayPal, Wire transfer or bank transfer.
Before applying for Google AdSense, ensure that your contents align with AdSense monetization policy else you might end up getting disappointed.

 2. Media.net

Media.net is another popular ad network a lot of bloggers choose for monetizing their traffics and earn income. This is a company that provides a platform for contextual advertising, which means displaying ads that are relevant to the content on a website. Media.net has partnerships with both Yahoo and Bing, which allows them to show ads from both companies on their platform. So, when you see ads on Media.net, they may be from either Yahoo or Bing. In addition, both Yahoo and Bing are powered by Media.net's advertising technology. 

Media.net also offer three major ad revenue calculator CPM, CPA and CPC however, bloggers with low blog traffic (less than 10k) monthly visitors are likely to be rejected.

Here are key things to consider about Media.net

  • Publishers with low traffic are likely to be rejected.
  • Earnings are high
  • You're likely to be approved when you maintain a high content traffic volume
  • Media.net have a monetization policy that must be met before your application can be considered
  • Media.net offer variety ad formats which includes desktop interstitial, in-content native, contextual ads, and mobile docked ads.
Choosing media.net is a great option to monetize your blog however, publishers with low traffic might not be considered.

3. Ezoic

Ezoic is another popular ad network you can choose to monetize your blog, one good thing about Ezoic is that it offers a similar ad format compared to AdSense.

Ezoic is a platform that allows website owners to manage and optimize their ad revenue. They have a partnership with Google AdSense, which means that website owners can use Ezoic to manage their AdSense accounts and optimize their ad revenue. This includes features like A/B testing, ad layout customization, and more. So, if you're using AdSense on your website, you can connect your account to Ezoic to manage and optimize your ads.

Key factors to consider about Ezoic

  • Ezoic has a partnership with AdSense that allows them to display ads from Google's ad network on the websites that use Ezoic.
  • Ezoic is a third-party platform, which means you'll need to give them access to your website's code and analytics.
  • Ezoic may not be compatible with all website themes or plugins.
  •  Ezoic can affect your website's speed and performance, so it's important to test and monitor your site's performance after implementing it.
  • Ezoic's interface can be complex and difficult to navigate, so it's important to take the time to learn how to use it.
  • You must also adhere to Google AdSense monetization policy before your Ezoic application can be considered since they're Google ad network PPartner.

4. Adsterra

Adsterra is unarguably one of the most used ad network in Nigeria by publishers, this is because Adsterra has the fasters approval method which is less than 5 minutes.

Adsterra is another popular ad network that connect advertisers and publishers, with over 50k advertisers on the platform. Another good thing about Adsterra is that publishers can base on CPM (Click per impression).

Adsterra offers variety ad units which includes vignette Banner, popunder, pop-up ads, and banner ads, and also offer various withdrawal methods which includes Bitcoin, PayPal or Payoneer.

Here are things to know about Adsterra

  • Adsterra ads are not user-friendly, usually disruptive and can lead to poor user experience, which can chase visitors away from your website.
  • Adsterra does not have a specific requirements that must be met before approval.
  • Adsterra approval process can be as quick as 5 minutes.
  • Content receiving traffic from tier countries are likely to earn higher.
  • Adsterra payment disbursement can take up to 2 weeks or less.
  • With Adsterra you target the placement that works best for you.
Adsterra ads is a great way to monetize your blog however, most devices sees Adsterra ad as malware which can be dangerous to one's mobile device or computer system.

5. Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is another widely considered option among Nigeria users. PropellerAds is a leading ad network that offers a wide range of ad formats, including pop-unders, push notifications, and native ads. It provides advanced targeting options and real-time statistics to help publishers optimize their ad performance.

Propeller Ads also offer variety payment methods which includes Payoneer, PayPal, Skrill, WebMoney and other with the minimum withdrawal threshold of $25.

Here are some key factor to consider about Propeller Ads.
  • With Propeller Ads you can monetize all type of traffic both high and low.
  • Propeller Ads offers variety withdrawal methods.
  • With Propeller Ads your application can easily get approved.
  • Propeller Ads has a low CPC rate.
  • Propeller Ads has a low payment threshold
  • Propeller Ads are not user-friendly and can disrupt your user behavior on your contents.
Propeller Ads are very much suitable for people who are relatively new to blog monetization or for publishers who haven't know much about blog monetization.

FAQs and Answers

Can I make money on by blog without using ad networks?

Yes, there are many ways to make money from your blog without having to monetize through ad networks. You can choose to monetize your blog either by using affiliate links, selling e-books, accept sponsored contents, accepting guest posts, or by selling your own products.

How is my earnings calculated?

Basically, the amount you earn from this ads networks varies which depends on many factors including; number of organic traffic, CPC rate, traffic source, and CPM rate. Additional, to increase your earnings, you have to work on your traffic and gain more visitors to your blog.

Does AdSense approval blogs with low traffic?

Yes, AdSense might approve websites with low traffic however, it's not advisable to apply for AdSense with low traffic because this might lead to little or poor earning. At the end you might get frustrated, so work on your traffic before applying.

Can I apply for AdSense with subdomain?

No, Google AdSense has grown so big and no longer approve blog with subdomain (blogspot), so if you intend to monetize your blog with Google AdSense then get a custom domain.

What is Adsterra minimum withdrawal?

With Adsterra, you can withdraw for as low as $5 into your WebMoney or PayPal account. If you wish to withdraw into your Bitcoin account then you need a minimum threshold of $100.

What is the best Ad network to consider for Nigeria traffic?

Google AdSense. Google AdSense works with millions of advertisers around the world, providing Nigeria publishers the opportunity to earn by monetization.

How much does Adsterra pay for 1,000 impression?

The amount you earn for 1,000 Adsterra impressions varies which depends on many factors including; traffic source, niche, user behavior such as how many seconds a visitor view your ads however, the average you earn for 1,000 impression ranges between $0.500 to $5.


Monetizating your blog through ad network is a great way to earn sustainable income, infact a lot of Nigeria publishers earns as much as $5,000 monthly by  monetizing their blog using an ad network.

However, before you think of monetizing your blog, first work on increasing your traffic and gain more visitors to your blog. This will help you make more money from your blog.

All the monetization platforms I listed above is a good way to monetize your blog and make money, you can choose to work with any of them irrespective of their position in this article.

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