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Tree Planting Jobs in Sweden - 2024

Are you willing to relocate and work in Sweden? Have you been searching for tree planting jobs in Sweden? I have got another wonderful opportunity for you to live and work in Sweden as a tree planter, earn higher wages, and most especially maintaining a good living.

Tree planting jobs in Sweden
Tree planting jobs in Sweden 2024

Sweden is another country a lot of people admire and many people will grab an opportunity to live and work in Sweden while they earn steady income. If you would love to live in Sweden and work as tree planter then this article is for you. In this article, I will drop everything you need to know about this tree planting jobs and their specific requirements for application!

5 tree planting jobs in Sweden you should apply in 2024

You are willing to relocate and work in Sweden, here are 5 Sweden organizations currently hiring tree planters in 2024 and how to apply:

1. Trädkontoret

Trädkontoret is a popular tree planting organizations in Sweden currently hiring tree planters accross the world.

Trädkontoret founded in 2007 is owned and operated by Gustav Nässlander and Johan Östberg. Trädkontoret is part of the consulting network Trädkonsult.

Trädkontoret goal is to become the leading consulting company for tree and urban greenery management in Sweden and to be known for quality, innovation and our national and international networks.

You also get to enjoy the following
  • Autonomous scheduling
  • Flexible working hours
  • Modern premises in a central location in Malmö close to train connections
  • Health care allowance
  • Collective agreements (Service companies)
  • Health insurance that also applies outside working hours
  • Generous training opportunities
How to apply for Trädkontoret

To apply for this job you only need to send your CV and a cover letter to Gustav Nässlander email address gustav@tradkontoret and then check your email constantly for feedback.

2. Svensk Skogsservice

Do you want to work outdoors with a physical work for a company that puts a lot of energy on the personnel and their needs?
Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Svensk Skogsservice mainly works with forest-clearing but we also work with planting, consulting jobs and chainsaw-cutting.
Within the forest-clearing part we mainly work with young forest clearing and undercutting but we also work with different sorts of forest clearing by the country’s infrastructure, for example under the power lines.

Job details

You as an employee work in a group of 2-5 people, though usually 4 people. You both work and live together. Because of this it’s a good thing if you know each other from before. The best thing is if you apply for the job as a complete group.

Experience, preferably from Swedish forestry, knowledge of English and driver’s license is qualifying.

How to apply

If you're interested in applying for this tree planting job, then apply using any of this two contact details.

3. Baron skog och städtjänster AB.

Another company currently hiring tree planters in Sweden is Baron skog och städtjänster AB.

Baronskog och Stadtjanster AB is in search of new employees to help us with our Re-afforestation projects which is tree planting in the Swedish Forest. 

The teams are currently recruiting workers from Sweden, Cameroon, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Czech Republic, Burundi, South Africa, Zambia, Thailand, Ukraine, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Latvia and Lithuania. Those who may need visa should bear in mind that they could be granted 6 months visa if all visa requirements are met. 

  • Do you have good coworker ship experience and a supportive attitude towards colleagues and employees? Then maybe this is the service for you!
  • Looking for you who are goal-oriented, result-oriented, with good financial ability and a structured work method.
  • All workers have to be physically fit and must show evidence of a medical certificate of fitness.
  • Must be at least 18 years old of age.
How to apply for this tree planting job

If you choose to apply for this job, then you will be required to send your CV or resume to this email address baronskogen@gmail.com

4. Grimslövs Skogstjänst AB

    Grimslövs Skogstjänst is a service-oriented forest management company that performs, among other things: PEFC Thinning and leaf cutting Planting Clearing, both young forest clearing and clearing Game treatment Spraying against beetles. The company has over 20 forest workers and tree planters. 

    In addition to long industry experience, Grimslövs Skogstjänst AB hold a Green Driving License and PEFC certificate and spraying license. We offer high-quality work at a competitive price using our modern machines that run on environmentally friendly fuel. Our main clients are Södra, Vida, JGA. We also undertake small and large assignments from private individuals in southern Sweden.

    Job details

    The Swedish forestry company Grimslövs Skogstjänst AB is looking for new employees for the position of forest worker - tree planting, for the 2024 season (approx. from mid-March to mid-July).

    Work is paid per piece of seedlings planted. In the case of difficult stony surfaces, the work is at an hourly rate.

    The company is located in southern Sweden, in the town of Emmaboda. The work takes place in forests within a radius of approx. 100 km.

    Job Offer
    • Swedish employment contract (not an employment agency)
    • Swedish health insurance
    • Arranging a Swedish work number (samordningsnummer)
    • Work clothes and work equipment
    • Training
    • Business phone and car
    • Accommodation mediation (rent is deducted from salary)
    Salary: 1500-2500 €/mon. net, depending on your level of experience.

    What is demand
    • Necessary medical fitness (physically demanding work, but women can also handle it)
    • Willingness to work with colleagues (mostly a party of 4 people)
    • Willingness to work
    • Driving licence is an advantage, but not necessary
    • Knowledge of a foreign language is not required
    How to apply for this job

    If you wish to apply for this job, then use any of the two contact details but most importantly, send your CV to the email address.

    5. ALFA Skogsservice AB

    ALFA Skogsservice is constantly looking for more skilled workers. If you are interested in forest clearing, tree planting or tree feeling and have some previous experience, you are welcome to fill out our job application form.
    Are you curious about working in forestry but have no experience yet? Submit the application form anyway! We will teach you everything you need to know.

    ALFA Skogsservice operates in two regions – In the north of Sweden around Hammarstrand, Östavall, Timrå and Åsele and in the south of Sweden around Jönköping.

    How to apply

    Please specify in your application in which region would you prefer to work. Follow the link and download the application that suits your languages click here to download

    Upon successful download, forward the application to the email address work@alfaskogsservice.se


    As a conclusion, tree planting jobs in Sweden offer a unique opportunity to make a difference in the fight against climate change while enjoying the beauty of nature. The country's commitment to reforestation makes it an ideal destination for those looking to make a positive impact on the environment, and the pay and benefits are often competitive. 

    However, it's important to be prepared for the physical demands of the job and the long hours spent outdoors. With the right mindset and preparation, a tree planting job in Sweden can be a rewarding experience.

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