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Is Vegetabless.net Legit or Scam? Our Honest Review

Have you heard about the newly launched platform called Vegetabless.net? Do you wish to know if legitimate or a scam? Below is our full review on Vegetabless.net, legit or scam and how it work.
Is vegetabless.net legit or scam

This days finding a trustworthy platform has become a major concern for most of Nigeria investors due to the high number of Ponzi scheme coming out daily. If you have found yourself in the position then we got you covered. Here are everything you need to know about this platform and how it works

Vegetabless.net Overview

Name: Vegetabless.net
Legal Entity: unkwown
Date launched: 22nd January 2023
Daily Commission: 30%

Let's move further and find out more about this platform and how it works. Let's dive in!

What is Vegetabless.net and how does it work?

Vegetabless.net claims to be an online investment platform that offers Nigeria users the opportunity to make money by investing on the platform.

Before you can start making money with Vegetabless.net, you first need to purchase an investment package that suits your budget and invest.

You can also make money on the platform through referral program. When your referral purchase an investment package on the platform you earn a giving percentage of commission.

Vegetabless.net Review

  • Welcome bonus: ₦200
  • Minimum investment package: ₦2,200
  • Maximum investment package: ₦320,000
  • Minimum daily income: ₦726
  • Maximum daily income: ₦260,000

Vegetabless.net Investment Packages

CropInvestment CycleDays Profits (₦)Total Profits (₦)Price (₦)
Cabbage300 Days726217,8002,200
Cucumber300 Days1,768530,4005,200
Bean300 Days4,3201,296,00012,000
Pepper300 Days19,7605,928,00052,000
Squash300 Days49,20014,760,000120,000
Tomato300 Days144,00043,200,000320,000
Onion300 Days260,00078,000,000520,000
You are to choose an investment package that suits your budget and invest.....

How To Withdraw

Here are some guidelines for the withdrawal process:

  1. Withdrawal processing time: Normally it reaches to your bank account within 5 minutes, sometimes there is a delay cos the bank channel is crowded.
  2. The minimum withdrawal amount is set at 1000NGN
  3. Ensure the safety of funds, users are allowed to make 5 withdrawal per day.
  4. There are no fees for withdrawals.
  5. 10% handling fee will be deducted for each withdrawal

Vegetabless.net Referral program

The platform also offers a referral program which allows users to earn money each time a users purchase an investment package using their referral link. Here are the referral level an their commission:
  • Level 1 (Direct referral) - 25%
  • Level 2 (Indirect referral) - 1%
  • Level 3 (Indirect recommendation) - 1%
If you invite A to invest successfully, you will get a reward of 25%of A’s total investment.

Is Vegetabless.net Legit or Scam (Review)?

Vegetabless.net operate in a Ponzi scheme traditional model which is a potential scam, you're taking a very big risk by investing your money on the platform.

There is no guarantee that this platform is legitimate as we find out some red flags which shows how untrustworthy the platform can be.


This is our opinion on Vegetabless.net based on our research. However, since the platform is newly launched, investors who invested earlier might be lucky enough to make money before the platform crashes, though we can't guarantee you that.

If you have any say or questions concerning the platform you can scroll down to the comment section, we'll be glad to hear from you.

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