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Hawkit.ng Review: What is Hawkit and How does it Work?

Have you been hearing about Hawkit app? Do you wish to know how it works? Are you a Nigerian? Do you have a smartphone? Then this article is for you.

Hawkit review: is Hawkit legit or scam

This days there are many ways you can make money without having to own a physical location, sell stocks or digital products. As a freelancer, you can also make cool cash from the comfort of you home without having to stress yourself. 

Just with your smartphone, you can perform microtasks and make some cool cash. There are a lot of online platforms where freelancers can make money by performing some tasks and Hawkit is one of them. In this article, I wi tell you everything you need to know before signing up with Hawkit, meanwhile let's dive in!

What is Hawkit and How does it work?

Hawkit is an e-commerce and social finance website that allows Nigerians to advertise, purchase airtime VTU and internet bundles, resale things, and even carry out social tasks in exchange for payment. Hawkit is a verified platform authorized by the Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with the registration number RC1677464, making it an identifiable Nigeria Platform. Hawkit has an official website and a mobile app, which is accessible on Google Play and Apple Store for free

With Hawkit, you can earn up to ₦2,000 per day if you are devoted and passionate about it, but I will focus on how to earn from Hawkit social financing, which means I will show you how to earn from Hawkit social task performance. 

This means that you earn money from Hawkit when you complete tasks assigned to you. Hawkit allows you to execute a variety of things, like tweeting on X (previously known as Twitter), liking or following a page, subscribing to a YouTube channel, and even reviewing an app on the Playstore and Apple Store. I'll go over every assignment Hawkit has available, as well as the pay rates and prerequisites.

Available Tasks on Hawkit.ng

1. Following social media pages.

With Hawkit, you earn ₦3 per page followed, which is really outstanding. This means that if you can follow 1000 pages per day, you would earn ₦3,000 per day. So you can start earning money immediately by creating a social media account and following pages with it.

2. Commenting and Liking posts on social media posts

You can earn money not just by liking or following pages on social media, but also by liking and commenting on other people's social media postings. Just like the first one, you earn ₦3 for each successful like or remark, therefore this is a better way for you to make money.

3. Sharing of social media posts

Another great way to get money from Hawkit is to share other people's posts on your social media account. Hawkit will pay you for each successful sharing. You receive 50 for each post shared, so you may begin sharing posts on your social media accounts and make money from Hawkit.

4. Joining a Telegram, WhatsApp Group, or Channel

You can also earn a commission by joining a group/channel on WhatsApp and Telegram; this function allows you to make money while joining a group or channel on these platforms. You get 50 for each channel or group that you join.

5. Playstore Download and Review

This task, like the Apple store, is only available to Android users and pays 50 for each successful app downloaded and rated.

6. Posting Adverts on your social media account

You may also make money by posting adverts for firms on your social media like Facebook profiles. Instagram, TikTok, and X pages. To be qualified for this work, you must have at least 1,000 followers on your social media sites. You make a whooping 100 each advertisement post.

7. Posting adverts on WhatsApp Status

With this work, you get 50 per successful advertisement sent on your WhatsApp Status, which is quite spectacular.

8. Retweeting on X (formerly known as Twitter)

You can also earn on Hawkit by retweeting other people's tweets on X. This is one of the easiest assignments on Hawkit; all you have to do is retweet a post and get 50 each retweet, which is rather astounding.

9. App Store Download and Review

You may also make money by downloading and reviewing apps from the App Store. This job is only available to iOS users. You earn a whopping 60 for every successful app download and review.

10. Engagement and Subscribing to YouTube Channel

This is yet another famous Hawkit platform feature. This function allows you to earn money while subscribing to or participating with YouTube channels. This means that you can earn money after successfully subscribing to a YouTube channel or by enjoying, viewing, sharing, and commenting on YouTube content. You receive 30 for each successful YouTube membership or engagement, which is extremely outstanding.

You are to choose any task that is more convenient for you. Also have it in mind that amount you earn from these tasks as listed above depends on the tasks complexity as much complex tasks tends to pay higher.

Other ways to make money with Hawkit

i. Through Referral Program

Hawkit offers a referral program where customers can earn an instant fee of ₦500 for referring new members to their platform using your unique referral link. To receive your referral link follow this steps:
    1. Click on your profile icon
    2. Scroll down to My Referral Link
    3. Copy and share with friends
    4. Friends can also use your username as their referral while signing up.

          ii. By Selling Merchandise

          You can profit from Hawkit by selling things. Many people work as Hawkit vendors, earning a lot of money every day by selling things including clothing, gadgets, and home appliances.

          If you own a shop or want to establish a dropshipping business, Hawkit can help you get started.

          iii. Affiliate Marketing

          As an affiliate marketer, Hawkit is a platform worth considering. If you have a large following on your social media accounts, Telegram, or Whatsapp group, YouTube channel, or even a blog, you can make money by recommending products for others.

          As an affiliate marketer, you can earn up to 40% commission on every product sold using your link.

          iv. By Become a VTU vendor

          As a Virtual Top-Up (VTU) seller, you may sell airtime and mobile data to Hawkit users and earn money without having to perform any work.

          This is another interesting option to generate money with the platform; the fact that the site has over 500K active users per month should indicate how profitable VTU business may be for you if you are always online.

          How to Sign Up (Hawkit Registration)

          You need to first create and activate your account with Hawkit before you can start performing tasks, or make money with Hawkit. Here are steps to sign up with Hawkit.ng:
          • Download and launch Hawkit app on your smartphone. Alternative, you can visit the website www.hawkit.ng to sign up.
          • Navigate to Create an Account page.
          • Input the required details at every blank field.
          • Input your preferred email and password.
          • Input your referral code (ugonwenu)
          • Then, click on create account.
          • You will be promted to verify your email address and upon successful verification, you will automatically be redirected to your dashboard.

          How to Activate your Hawkit account

          To activate your Hawkit account and begin using it, you must first deposit ₦1,000.

          It is known as a one-time membership fee and is paid only once in a lifetime. Once you become a Hawkit one-time member, you will be able to do assignments.

          NOTE: In order to become a merchant or advertiser, you may be needed to pay extra fees in addition to the one-time membership cost.

          Hawkit.ng Pros and Cons


          • You can earn up to ₦2,000 everyday from Hawkit.
          • All Hawkit tasks are less complex and can be performed by anyone
          • Good UI/UX design
          • There is no limit to the number of tasks you can complete each day, so you perform as many as you can.
          • You can opt to cancel tasks that you no longer want to complete.
          • You only pay ₦11 for any amount you withdraw.
          • You can perform tasks from wherever of you want.


          • Poor page loading speed, you might become annoyed due to how the website loads most of the time
          • Unavailability of tasks, especially during weekends Saturdays and Sundays, precisely.
          • Delay in task approvals, jobs are typically granted in 5 days, but can take longer in some situations.
          • Unable to withdraw during weekends (Saturday's and Sunday's)
          • Unavailability of higher paying tasks, it might be very difficult for you to get a higher paying tasks because most advertisers aren't interested in spending much.

          Hawkit Office Address

          If you want to visit Hawkit office address, or intend to meet the staff physically, then below is the office address.

          • No. 89, Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos Nigeria

          Customer Care

          To contact Hawkit customer care, send an email to support@hawkit.ng with your inquiries or complaint and wait for feedback.

          FAQs and Answers on Hawkit

          Is Hawkit registration free?

          Yes, signing up on Hawkit is absolutely free however, after registration you need to activate your Hawkit account with ₦1000 in other to be able to perform tasks.

          Has Hawkit crashed?

          No, Hawkit have not crashed, since the platform sorely depend on advertisers to pay earners, the platform is likely not to crash.

          Is Hawkit legit or scam?

          Hawkit is a legitimate platform multipurpose platform where users can either by social media followers, sell their products, perform microtasks to earn, or even be a VTU vendor. Additional, Hawkit is also registered Nigeria company with a physical location.

          What is Hawkit minimum withdrawal threshold?

          ₦100, Hawkit users can be able to withdraw when they reach the minimum threshold of ₦100. You also have to bare in mind that ₦11withdrawal charges will be deducted from your wallet (not the issued withdrawal amount).

          Is Hawkit available for iPhone users?

          Yes, Hawkit is available but for Android and iOS users, you can go to App store and download the mobile app if you're using iPhone.


          Finally, Hawkit International Limited is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a social finance platform that allows them to make money online while accomplishing jobs. However, it important to note that Hawkit does not always provide enough activities to allow you to meet your daily targets, therefore it is critical to think carefully before deciding whether or not to join up for Hawkit; the decision is entirely up to you. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section and I will be happy to hear from you.

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