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Glorypower.top Review: Legit or Scam & Our Review

Is glorypower.top legit or scam
Image of Glorypower.top dashboard

Are you willing to know more about this new launched platform called Glorypower.top? If legitimate or a scam? We're going to explore everything about this platform, if legit or Scam and how it works. Let's dive in this article!


  • Name: Glorypower.top
  • URL: https://glorypower.top
  • Legal Entity: Unverified
  • Date Launched: January 10, 2024
  • Domain Registration Date: January 6, 2024

How does Glorypower.top work?

Glorypower.top claims to be an online investment platform that provides users the opportunity to make money by investing in various packages available at the platform.

The platform also claim to be the world largest manufacturer of digital currency mining server through it mining brand ANTMINER, which has long maintain a global market share and a leading position in technology, serving customer accross over 100 countries.

Glorypower.top offer more than 7 investment package which users can easily invest on and make money in return, each of this investment packages has their own unique prices and duration. You can also refer people to the platform and earn commission.

Glorypower.top Investment Plans

VIP LevelInvest PriceInvest Time24 Hour Profit
VIP 12800 NGN24 Hours200 NGN
VIP 26500 NGN24 Hours450 NGN
VIP 315500 NGN24 Hours1400 NGN
VIP 427500 NGN24 Hours2100 NGN
VIP 557500 NGN24 Hours4600 NGN
VIP 698900 NGN24 Hours7100 NGN
VIP 7128900 NGN24 Hours10100 NGN
VIP 8198800 NGN24 Hours14500 NGN
VIP 9470500 NGN24 Hours31500 NGN


Glorypower.top also offer a referral program which allow old users to earn commission by referring new ones to the platform. Here are the three referral level and their level of referral commission.

  • Level 1: 10
  • Level 2: 3
  • Level 3: 1

Glorypower.top red flag

  1. Since the platform has just recently been released, it lacks credibility.
  2. A privacy policy, which is a prerequisite for trustworthy websites, is absent from the company's website.
  3. The business doesn't have a physical location or run any operations.
  4. The company's social media presence seems phony, thus it's important to confirm followers and linkages.

Is Glorypower.top legit or Scam

In honest review, Glorypower.top a fraudulent scheme and a potential scam users are not advised to deposit on the platform because they're not trustworthy. This might be one of the Ponzi scheme platform that has always grown in Nigeria.


Additional, Glorypower doesn't seems legit and investing on the platform might be a very big risk. I made a thorough research to know if the platform is registered or licensed by any Nigeria agency but it turned out negative.

Anyone admiring this platform is advised not to invest However, since this platform is launched 2 days ago, early birds (investors) might be lucky enough to withdraw before the platform crashes.


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