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Wishfarmapp.com Review: Legit or Scam & Investment


Is wishfarmapp.com legit or scam
Wishfarmapp.com user dashboard

Are you willing to know more about this new launched platform called Wishfarmapp.com? If legitimate or a scam? We're going to explore everything about this platform, if legit or Scam and how it works. Let's dive in this article!


  • Name: Wish Farm
  • URL: https://wishfarmapp.com
  • Legal Entity: Unverified
  • Date Launched: January 10, 2024
  • Domain Registration Date: January 9, 2024

How does Wishfarmapp.com works

Wishfarmapp.com claims to provides users with opportunity to earn money through a variety of channels, such as buying Wish Farm products, referring friends, and taking part in investment schemes. The website, which went live on January 10, 2025, markets itself as a lucrative opportunity with alluring features and advantages.

It's simple to sign up with Wishfarmapp.com. You must go to their website at https://wishfarmapp.com in order to sign up for membership. When you get there, register using the following link: https://register.wishfarmapp.com/?invitation=EETKB. This unique link with lead you straightforward to the registration page.

Available investment package.

PlanPriceCycleDaily IncomeTotal Revenue
W4000# 400040#240#9600
W60000# 6000060#4800#288000
W98000# 9800070#8820#617400
W198000# 19800080 days# 19800# 1584000

These are the 5 investment packages available at the platform, each with their unique prices, cost and duration. 

Wishfarmapp.com referral program

Wishfarmapp also offer referral program which allow old users to earn an instant commission each time a new user invest at the platform using their unique referral link. Here are the referral level and their Commission.

B-level subordinates: 20%
C-level subordinates: 5%
D-level subordinates: 1%
The more your subordinates invest, the more rewards you can get. Every time your subordinates invest, you can get rewards.

How the referral program works

  1. Each new member has his own exclusive invitation link, please be sure to use your exclusive invitation link to invite new members
  2. New members will receive generous rewards after registering, recharging, and purchasing products through your exclusive link
  3. The new member you invite is your B-level member, the new member invited by B is your C-level member, and the new member invited by C is your D-level member
  4. Lower-level members can get rewards for purci products, (Level B 10%) (Level C 5% ) (Level D 1%)
    The system will automatically send rewards to your Wish Farm account
    You can invite family, friends, and colleagues to make money in Wish Farm with you. You can also invite strangers on the Internet to make money with you in Wish Farm.

Wishfarmapp.com referral program is another great way to make money without even having to invest on the platform.

How to become a wishfarmapp.com strategic partner

Another way to earn at the platform is to become a strategic partner. Wishfarmapp.com pay strategic partners between 100,000 to 1,000,000. All you have to do is to a get physical location then apply and upon approval you will start getting paid.

Is wishfarmapp.com legit or scam?

Wishfarmapp.com is a fraudulent scheme, potential scam, and operate in Ponzi scheme which intend to pay new users with the funds generated by the old ones. Once this platform is no longer able to attract investors, it automatically crash.

I also made a thorough and find out that this wishfarmapp.com isn't registered with any major Nigeria agency. Finally, the platform has a lot of red flags which makes them suspicious and untrustworthy platform.


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